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 Hmm, couldn't get onto livejournal for a far bit.
So it's been a while since I have been able to update this.


Got lots of good news!

1. I won Volunteer of the Year at my university!
Out of all 65 societies with 5-8 committee members on each they chose me!
I nearly cried when I accepted it, was not expecting it in the slightest!
Spent the whole thing thanking my Social Sec as she has been amazing this year :D

I had an interview at MDBA which was stressful.
They called me the next saying "Sorry you were unsuccessful"

3. Going to MILANO!

So yeah, my boyfriend is going to Milan for a mini-project for his PHD
And gets Easter Week off so we are going on our first holiday together
Possibly visit some family friends he has out there as he is part italian.
But i'm very excited as we managed to get a www.laterooms.com TOP SECRET hotel deal so staying in a 4* hotel....oooooooooooh fancy!
Things are going really well.

Well apart from little tiffs but the thing with Craig is that he's the only person I have ever met to so worked up.
Passionate in the negative but oh so positive way as well.

Next year is going to be tough with me moving to Bristol and he'll still be in Loughborough
But with his PhD he'll be earning £20k and i'll earn £16k next year so we should be able to afford travel costs with not too many problems.
But as always, he said if our lives were different he would propose to me in a heartbeat.
Been talking about settling down once I graduate....he'll still have a couple years left on the PhD but i'll hopefully get the 2yr graduate job so we'll be free to do whatever we want at the same time.

Time will tell but I know we can do it.


Got a lot of work to do in the next few weeks thought,
Have 2 massive pieces of coursework due in soon as well as my first exam on the 6th of June and I haven't been doing too well this year.
I NEEEEEED to get a 2:1 thought
So I will be working my bum off!


All aboard the train to Snoresville!

1. I am bored out of my fucking mind. I have just spent the last four hours writing an essay on:
"To what extent might fatigue among airline pilots compromise safety"

2. Apart from handing said essay in I have the whole day off tomorrow. So I shall be doing one of two things:
  • Trying out my make-up for halloween as a Dead Red Shirt.
    Finally, a time to use my special effects know-how!
    It shall be epically gross!
  • Start writing my own fic! I know [info]fearmycorbomite is ridiculously excited! So am I!
3. Have been youtubing over the last few days and I keep looking at the same things over and over again.
So I though to share two of them.
The first is a song that I have listened to since it came out (1996) as my mum loves Jamiroquai.
And I NEVER realised it has a Star Trek reference til the other day when I was cleaning.

"Do I have to go Star Trekkin'
When it's you I should be checkin'"

The second is a absolutely beautifully edited FanVid.
The sweeling of the guitars at the end is such a fantastic match of footage and song.
1.20 is personally when I start to well up a bit...


(Sorry if the vids arent coming up! Youtube is down atm unfortunately)

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Meme of Pure GQ motherfuckery

Oh missy missy missy.
You tempted me again with your TMI meme.
Which was awesome...
So I though after the UNFFING on my last post to follow it up with more.

Dirty Meme Time.
Taken from [info]verselle

(1) List 6 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
(2) Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them. (6 - 1, 1 is the hottest.)
(3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
(4) Supply photos for said people.

If this isn't illegal amounts of hotness than I dont know what it.Collapse )

Dammit Jim, I'm a Doctor not a Cleaner!

I go beyond the call of duty so much.

I did yet more cleaning today.
It took me 2 and a half hours.
I mopped the floor, washed all the dishes, disinfected the surfaces.
Cleaned the microwave, cleaned the hob and
That is 2 years worth of student mess.
(My beautiful cleaning under the cut)

Anyway, I was meant to go to my course's social last night.
But I got a phone call from my friend in C block and she asked if I could come round.
Turns out she gets tonsilitus really really badly (she's going today home for a week).
So I took her to the medical centre and spent the night making her hot honey and lemon and cracking jokes to cheer her up.
I think I prefered doing that then swapping clothes at a Rubix cube party, anytime!

So I am treating myself.
Going to eat some Jaffa Cakes and watch 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'
With Leonard Nimoy


After watching De in 'Fear In The Night' this morning...such a good film.
I put the link on ontd_startrek so check it out if you havent already.
You can also find it in 8 parts on youtube.


Sparkle! Sparkle!Collapse )


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I'm so twee...

The first part of this is serious.
Which is poo

Not only have I sprained my wrist (though my new support is pink and the company is called VULKAN!!!!)
And my chronic headaches are being a BITCH (hence the icon)
I threw my back out ballroom dancing yesterday.
Attempted a pretty fast spin and it backfired.
Though I did trip my dance partner over by accident.
It was funny. It serves Rakhesh right for spinning me into the bin last week.
And we have perfected this...

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To the fun stuff.

Unbearabley cute story ahead

Oodles of Doodles!Collapse )
Sorry for the wait guise!
Loves you all!

ShagMarryKissKill meme

We have a delightful game of Shag Marry Kiss Kill going in meme-land.

Now it is my turn (yay!)

I got these distressing ones from [info]lama_mama)

Shatner (Young or Old))
Nimoy (Yound or Old)
Karl Urban


Decisions....Decisions!Collapse )


Comment back and I shall give you an equally michevious set of four!
I hope you enjoyed my little divulsion!

Dammit Jim! That hurt!

Hey flist!

Today was a dodgy one.
I got a dictaphone today to use in my lectures for my note taking (Fffff dyslexia)
Anyway, carrying all that back including an adapter and batteries...I stacked it over the curb.
And sprained my wrist.
No Vodka Revolutions tonight then.

Did some cleaning to de-stress myself.
Then they had a food fight...FUCK!

And half-way through cooking the power went out.
So my risotto was kind of wierd.

Though I talked to my friend Emily whose in love Trek nearly as much as I am.
And we are going to try and go Comicon next year!!!!

I shall start doing my ffic reviews soon after I get a piece of coursework out the way.

FYT, they are shocked at what I have been reading:

I think this shall be the lovely thing that will go with my review.
The first one is a good one.
Shelter by Leslie Fish and then Poses, its sequel.

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